Dog Days of Spring

Had two days off this week. Monday and Tuesday. It is now tuesday evening and my weekend lasted thirty seconds. I needed to get groceries and do my laundry and clean my house. Meal prep. Cook twenty two tasteless lunches and dinners and portion them in plastic containers. Spend four hours boiling breast in a pot so I can... Continue Reading →

The Critique of Ideology is Ideology

It is Thursday morning and I am hungry and tired. So tired I might be sleep writing. I stayed up way too late last night. Not sure if I slept. Wading into dangerous waters.   Dangerous because I am not driving an hour and a half to the city anymore. Not living in my parent’s basement, in the... Continue Reading →

The Crisis of the Question

In the age of emergencies, we are called to do everything but think. We must act, follow the science, listen to the experts. Do the work, educate ourselves. Protest and vote. Participate in the conversation or sit down and shut up. Even staying at home and doing nothing advances a moral and political program.   Everyone... Continue Reading →

Scratching Shapes into the Ashes

Feb 16th  Have to write about last weekend before the week shoves it out of my brain. Before time takes my treasured experience to the landfill.   Already too late. Memories like casings; skin of a sausage, used condom on the curb. What lives in me I cannot keep. What I keep is a bone ripped from... Continue Reading →

Low Sperm but High Spirits

Tuesday, Feb 23rd  Spent the weekend in Indianapolis. All day Monday too. Got home late last night and have to work at the café this morning and then I am driving back to the city to sign a lease on an apartment. The house I was trying to fix up is taking too long.   These days I... Continue Reading →

Holding Fast to the Fire

This evening, the fallen snow shines brighter than the sullen grey sky. Cold wet clouds cover the earth, a hushed heaven lies on its face. Nothing moves except my melancholy soul, a shuddering without object, a feeling without beginning or end, an abstract median between two impossibilities.  My spinning breath will wake the world; my... Continue Reading →

The Streaming Society, Part 3

The Streaming Society is defined by the fundamental mode of experience it delivers or extends to its subjects. Counterintuitive as it may sound, the primary temporal state of the Streaming Society is discontinuity. The structure of contemporary experience is episodic, which is to say, always streaming, always on, but in a disconnected, choppy, segmented and... Continue Reading →

The Eye Never Has Enough of Seeing

I would like to quit the internet. Take an extended break from fingering the information hole. Go on a data cleanse, a stimulation fast. Become as ignorant as possible, know less about world events than an appalachian car wash attendant. Activate local consciousness, small-scale awareness. Enter the temple of living presence, feel the pulse of being. Build... Continue Reading →

The Terror of an Empty Room

Living in a world of nonevents, of fake conflict, fake threats, imagined terrors, contrived enemies, trite outrages, exhausted oppositions. Given the choice between boredom and terror, people choose terror every time. Not to inflict it, but to drink it, to wallow in it. Make it the screaming red backdrop of their dreary days.   Better to... Continue Reading →

More Sleeping, Less Thinking

Bernard Stiegler died in august. I did not hear about it until a few days ago. The man who wrote about the repression and forgetting of technics in western thought has been repressed, has been forgotten. In an age of omnipresent technology, in an advanced stage of what Jacques Ellul would call the technological society,... Continue Reading →

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