Review: Welcome to Hell

Welcome to hell, “Bad” Billy Pratt greets the reader. It’s a warm welcome to a cold reality.   The sexual revolution promised freedom and pleasure. It shackled the self to ruinous desire. Moral climate follows changes on the ground. And plates had been shifting for a long time. The sexual revolution wasn’t a starting point, but... Continue Reading →

Wrongs of spring

A turnover album plays in the coffee shop. Supernatural, the follow up to Peripheral Vision. Sun-soaked guitar lines with melancholy undertones. I want to tell the barista that I love this album but then I’d be another tiresome man appearing to hit on a young girl. And I don’t want to have this conversation when I’m on the other... Continue Reading →

When lost time hunts you down

Working part-time for a carpenter now. An old grizzled man who comes into my girlfriend’s coffee shop. Looks like a steampunk elf. Bowler hat and vest, long ratty beard. Sooty skin and rotting gums, chain smokes black american spirits.   When I finish at the café I help him fix up a studio where he’ll... Continue Reading →

Marching to nowhere

Can’t keep up with my own life where nothing happens. Much less worldly events. Massacres and atrocities in the war. Ukrainian soldiers calling mothers of dead russians and laughing at their tears. Can you believe it? Yes and no.   Yes because humans are depraved beasts, poorly harnessed demons waiting for a chance to unleash their... Continue Reading →


Francis met Miranda on a dating app. When she showed up at the bar she was prettier than her pictures. That had never happened to him.  Their first date was beers and laughs and talking with their hands. Electric eye contact. They spent the next five nights together. A month later they agreed to be exclusive.... Continue Reading →

Sailing on ice

Read the Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy. His first novel. Thought it kind of sucked. Disjointed and weighed down with convoluted imagery. Shameless aping of Faulkner. He was about the same age as me when his first book came out. My first book is better.   But he got a deal with random house and had Robert... Continue Reading →

Catching up

Heart of winter. A blur of gold and gray days. Passed through the New Year with an older self. Death creeps closer without calling. Without letting me know when it’ll arrive. I think it without feeling it. I note it without acting on it, like an economic or philosophical argument I’ll forget as soon as... Continue Reading →

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