My Accursed Share

She called one night around the first of August. After midnight, after a month without talking. I’d seen her at the neighborhood dive bar and she ran out of the room. A few days later I saw her coming toward me on the sidewalk and she crossed the street.  The last time we talked I called her... Continue Reading →

No love for what we lack

A young woman sits across from me in the coffee shop. Short and slender with black hair and bangs. Black tattoos and pale skin. A living cliche but I think about asking her out. She has the depth of a sheet of paper but I’d punch my penis through her.   These are my options. This is what... Continue Reading →

The Elevator

The morning of his interview, Clifford had instant oatmeal with goji berries. He got in the shower and turned the hot water on and let the steam swell and then he twisted the hot knob left and the cold knob right. The spout blasted him with freezing water and he screamed and shuddered and soaped himself and... Continue Reading →

A life in quarters

To make money and enjoy life you need to be smart or stupid. Or you need to be average. Not a little left of center or a little right. You cannot be a little above or a little below. You need to be extreme or normal. Cannot have normal aspirations with fringe interests. Cannot have... Continue Reading →

Dinner for one

Half an hour to write before working a double. The second of four. Coffee shop from 6-2 and then the restaurant from 4-10. I think I feel tired but I might be too tired to tell.   No time for video games or porn or drugs. None of the vices that sap the modern man. But no purpose... Continue Reading →

Some days are like that

Editor's Note: Originally written sometime in 2018 and posted on my old anonymous blog. Don't forget to buy my book. Another week has passed. I've been sleeping 8 hours a night. Feeling rested. Still there’s an aimlessness, an indifference. I’m complacent and cold. My clarity doesn’t drive me to do anything. Sleepless or rested, my... Continue Reading →

Everything I do, I do it for you

Back in march when I moved into my apartment and paid my first month of rent and the security deposit and the deposit on the electric bill and all the other bills, I did not tell my landlords I had two cats. If I had told them I would have paid a pet deposit and my rent would... Continue Reading →

Every Lover Leaves

Editor’s note: This piece was written in november of 2020 and revised over the last few days. Don’t forget to buy my novel.   I woke up without knowing if I’d slept. Coming into a dream or out of one. She sat on the side of the bed and drank water from a glass on the nightstand. Streetlamps... Continue Reading →

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