A Man of Many Injuries

By the time he turned 15, Larry Summers was 6’4 and 275 pounds. People in his hometown called him a big ol hoss. He was a carefree young man who loved to play baseball. Talent scouts watched him pitch and there was talk of him being drafted into the majors. On the last game of... Continue Reading →

The Streaming Society, Part 2

The Streaming Society marks an advanced stage of social decomposition. Its broad characteristics are a debt-based consumer economy, mass populations, multiculturalism, streamlined service models, a managerial elite, visual media saturation and a permissive morality.   The philosophical roots of the Streaming Society can be traced back to modern rationalism and empiricism which combine and then regress... Continue Reading →

April was a long time ago

Journal 4/15 So tired, so so tired, but what does it matter? Tired or not tired, either way I am tired. A full night of sleep or not and I drudge through the day. I sleep when I should stay awake and stir when I should sleep. The present barricades the past. The longer I live the... Continue Reading →

The Eternal Return

Last time was supposed to be the last time. But yesterday after work I felt restless. I had no plans. I didn’t want to go straight home and sit on my couch and smoke weed and watch tv.  The last ten times were supposed to be the last time. Come to think of it, the... Continue Reading →

War is a Nursing Home by Other Means

Dirt rained down. He lay flat on his face, breathing into the upturned ground. It was a bright sunny day blackened by gun smoke and dust clouds. The earth shuddered and spewed red clay. Exploding artillery shells sent flaming steel through sagging flesh all around Private Preston Tater. He had lost contact with his squad leader.... Continue Reading →

The Streaming Society, Part 1

What does C.W. Wiley, writing for the American Mind, see in government enforced lockdowns, mass unemployment, stimulus checks and corporate bailouts? An opportunity for people to take responsibility for themselves. Confined to our homes, we can rediscover the ancient or classical economy and fire up our forges and bend metal in our backyards, surrounded by the... Continue Reading →

In These Times

“I offer this prayer to pandemon, our dark god of unbreathing days and unsleeping nights. May they grant us all one more day of precious life in these times in which we stay at home. Achoo.”  Xander Braxton Brayden Henderson-Vasquez stood in his apartment and unwrapped a carbon calorie square. He opened his quantum cooker and... Continue Reading →

Right flight

A crackhead stole my backpack out of my car on the last day I lived in a rundown Indianapolis neighborhood. It was a nice backpack, a gift from my girlfriend’s mom. For two years I lived between two drug dealers, saw junkies lurching on lawns, heard their hoarse throats hollering night and day. Two years... Continue Reading →

Confidence is not Caring

“You’ve never done this before?” “No. No way,” Wilbur said. “No one-night-stands, no flings?” “Nope.” “You’ve used dating apps, right?” “No.” Jake leaned back and ran a hand through his hair. He smiled. “How many women have you been with?” “Just my wife,” "Good thing you got a hold of me. We'll fix that.” Two... Continue Reading →

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